Entity of Nissan

Infiniti started selling its premium cars first in the USA. By 1989, they started selling internationally. Few years ago, management was separated from parent company Nissan while maintaining manufacturing and engineering connections.



  • Have you ever wondered what the Infiniti logo stands for? If you look closely, you’ll see a symbol that was inspired by a lemniscate that dates back to the start of human civilization. It’s represented by two central lines moving to an infinity. This shows a desire to look forward and design an endless scale of automotive possibilities  . 


  • The name has been derived from the English word Infinity which literally means endlessness.


  • For the earlier logos, the company used images of birds flying, with a message that talked about the significance of designing cars inspired by nature,


Poor reception

  • When the Infiniti brand launched in the beginning, it was badly received in America. Main reason was a marketing strategy that was uncommon at the time. All the advertisements focused on nature, peace and tranquility. Yes, they were very calming and relaxing, and yes, they all missed one important thing: images of the vehicles. This proved to be almost fatal when attempting to bring in a new line of cars to the American people. Brand recognition became an issue there, especially without any visual representation of the car. Later they fixed the issue and replaced all advertisements that really showed the vehicles. 


Future is electric

Yes, we all know that the future is electric. There is an increasing appetite for electric cars in the market but Infiniti decided to address it a little differently. 

  • Say hello to Gas-Powered Electric Vehicles

Very soon, Infiniti will be launching what they prefer calling “gas-powered electric vehicles.” They are fuel vehicles in which the fuel cell has been replaced by an extremely smooth and quiet turbocharged three-cylinder 1.5-liter electricity generator (also known as a gas engine).

  • But here’s the best part – These gas-powered EVs won’t require charging !

Their range won’t depend on how much power is in their battery but on how much gas in the tank of their gas engines. For people who are going on long trips and scared to death that they will run out of charge, this approach will move range anxiety out of the equation and will bring more people into the electric vehicle revolution.

Oh this does not mean that they don’t have conventional full electric vehicles. They also offer that to their loyal fan base, built on the same platforms as its gas-powered cars.



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