Reasons Your Car Brakes Might be Squeaking

We all want a car that’s quiet and disciplined. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Cars run into trouble. Squeaky brakes is a sign where your vehicle is literally calling out to you for help. Since your car’s brakes are pivotal to road safety, these sounds shouldn’t be ignored.

 If a squeaking sound comes from your car brakes, here are a few reasons why.

1- Worn Brake Pads

Your car’s brake pad is basically screaming, “Hey, I’m about to wear out and cause major damage to your rotor”. If you’re driving an older vehicle, the squeaking created by metal pads within your brake pad are going to be more aggressive

2- Rusted Brake Rotor

Your car’s rotors can lose their smoothness over time. Rust and other debris can cause this. If that’s the case, the excess debris can be removed by your local mechanic.

3- Braking Hard

Imagine a car suddenly pulls up in front of you. Or you’re a bit slow to respond to a traffic signal that goes red. In both the scenarios, you are gonna slam the brakes as hard as you can.

This situation is unavoidable, causing two events to happen:

1- Your brake pads to wear down more quickly as well as 

2- Causes heat to warp your brake discs and rotors 

All of the above causes your brakes to start squeaking.

4- Moisture

Rain, snow or dew, any form of moisture on the brake can cost corrosion or rust to form on the rotor surface. When the rotor moves, the rust gets caught in the edge of brake pads, causing a squeak. . This is more common in the morning or during the cold season. This usually stops after a few minutes when the brake pads have had a chance to warm up a little.

5- Thinning Pads:

 As mentioned most brake pads are fitted with a wear indicator which will start producing a squealing sound when your brake pads are getting thin enough to require changing.

6- Cheaper brake pads 

They tend to have a higher metal content. These metal pieces drag on the rotor, causing high pitched squeaky brakes. 

  • Solution: Buy the best quality brakes pads recommended for your car. 

Please remember your brakes are what ensure you stop on time. So don’t cheapen out and get the best one.

 7- Glazing: 

Brake pads can become glazed resulting in a squeaky noise. 

  • Cause: excessive friction and heat which can cause the brake pads to harden or glaze. Glazed brakes impair the stopping action of your brake, along with causing a squeaky sound when you apply the brake. 

  • Solution : call a technician who will sand the brake rotors and pads to remove the ‘glaze’ and investigate and fix the issue with the callipers.


Squeaking brakes from your vehicle is a sure sign that it’s time for an inspection.Visit our expert service department here at Redfox garage to set up an appointment to have your brakes checked and repaired if needed.

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