AUDI history: From lawsuits to world wars.

The story behind Audi is very complex and colourful. Behind the best-selling luxury automobile manufacturers in the world, there is a very rich history, to say the least. So let’s have a look.

How it all started.

August Horch is the founder of Audi. Audi means“listen” in Latin. He coined this term in 1910 because wanted people to pay attention or ”listen” to what he was selling. So he began making its first automobiles – Audi Type A Sport-Phaeton and it’s successor, the Type B – which were big hits in the sporting world

How Horch shaped history

In 1920, Horch decided to leave Audi and work for the ministry of transportation in Germany. Within this short time period, he had led his team to three straight victories in the Austrian Alpine Run,  heping Audi become popular in the world of international sports.

When he left, Audi made Audi Type K, their first left-hand driver, a car that quickly became dominant in the 1920s due to the fact it gave drivers a better view of oncoming traffic, making it easier and safer to overtake.


Four separate companies merged to become part-owners of Audi. This led to the creation of their logo of four interlocking rings.

Fun fact: this emblem was also similar to the Olympic Rings, so much so that the Olympic Committee eventually took them to court in 1995. The court ruled that the Audi rings had nothing to do with the Olympic rings. And so the two logos live in harmony, happily ever after. 


Audi became the first European car company to offer a six-cylinder-engine called the Audi Front. This caught the attention of the military and soon Audi started producing armoured cars for the military. Unfortunately, they became victims of Allied bombing and this affected their own factory production.

After the war, Audi found their factories no longer a functioning entity. The factories were dismantled as part, forcing them to relocate what they had left of the company to West Germany, where they set up a spare parts operation in Bavaria.

Volkswagen  & Audi

Audi was inactive for almost 20 years as its investors tried to recoup their war losses. Before they totally went out of production, Volkswagen bought  and later successfully revived the brand name Audi. However, the Audi Union seized the opportunity to prove their own models. In secret, they created the Audi 100 and attracted the VW council’s attention.

Since then, Audi has been a mainstay of high-tech automobile manufacturing in Germany, drawing attention in luxury sports circles each year with their new innovations.

Audi Today.

Audi produces vehicles in countries across the world, proving to be as technologically innovative as ever, starting with the 1980s turbocharged Quattro, the world’s first four-wheel drive sports coupe. The company rebranded and changed its name to Audi AG, marking the shift towards the high end consumer market.

Sales grew strongly during the 2000s and this continued into this decade. 

Now Audi has put forward an array of electric cars with sporty, dynamic, elegant and sustainable design.

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