Common Causes for Flat Tire

The experience of a flat tyre at is inevitable. Whether you are driving a car, a motorcycle or a heavy truck, every grown up has to endure this at some point in their life. You will be left with no choice but to manage the situation. There is no sure way to prevent flat tires, but overall tire maintenance and knowledge about the underlying issues can help reduce the chances. So we’ve made a list to  help you do exactly that.


     1- Cut or punctured by a sharp object

The most common reason for a damaged tyre is a cut by a sharp item. So  avoid driving in areas with debris, broken glass, nails or waste. 


     2- Failure of the Valve stem and tyre bead leakage

Another regular reason for tyre issues is the valve system. The valve stem is the tiny piece of the tyre that you have to unscrew when you inflate up your tyre. Any damage or corrosion on this little piece could make air spill out of the tyre until it’s totally level or flat. When presented with this, contact your local auto repair shop and highly trained technicians who check this for you.


  1. Bad road conditions or road hazards

Potholes, uneven roads, and unexpected junk (Sharp metals, glass, nails and even potholes)  can wreak havoc on your car’s wheels, axles, and undercarriage can increase the danger of getting a damaged tyre.


  1. Over-inflated tires or over pumped tires

Think of your tire like a balloon and what happens if it’s over blown? It will most likely burst, right?. Similarly, an over-pumped tire can create a dangerous pressure situation, often resulting in a blowout.


     5- High temperatures

 High temperatures cause the air in your tyre to extend, which as a result, builds the tyre’s inward weight. When this happens, your chance for a your tyre to lose pressure and even worse, become flat, is increased


     6- Separation of Tire and Rim 

When your tire pops a curb or if you rub the wheel sharply against the sidewalk while parking or driving, there is a small chance that the tire will slip slightly from the rim, causing it to slowly go flat over time.  Unfortunately, this is generally not something you can fix on your own or DIY. You will need an experienced car mechanic who will have the tools to take care of this easily.


    8) Aluminum Wheel Leaks

Car owners with aluminum wheels should regularly check their tire pressure. If leakage becomes a constant problem, bring your car to an experienced mechanic for a professional solution.


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