From its founding in 1919, it still manages to redefine style and performance in the industry. Not only is it such an exceptional car with an unrivalled blend of performance and the finest craftsmanship and materials, but it’s a constant reminder of the founder and the company’s heritage. 

A little history.

Bentley Motors was  founded  on July 10, 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, a 31- year-old man who started his work in a backstreet London garage “to build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.” Building fast, luxurious, best-in-class cars has been his mission ever since.Now, almost 100 years later, his name is known across the globe as the man who changed motoring forever.

Mr W.O. Bentely was working on a model intended to appeal to those enthusiastic motorists who desire a car which is a true racing car with touring accessories. This is an integral part  of Bentley’s DNA even today. Bentelys were road cars first and foremost but they had the strength and endurance to achieve incredible results in competition.

W.O. was initially opposed to racing at Le Mans Bentley but soon came to dominate the 24-hour race, taking home not just 1 but 5 wins in seven years – and generating a wealth of front-page headlines and company fortunes

A dead silent 100 MPH car or The 8-Litre was W.O.’s final creation, and is widely considered to be his masterpiece. Never in that era people have come across a vehicle in which such a prodigious performance was linked to such smooth unobtrusive quietness

Plans for the future

And taking Bentley into its next 100 years is arguably its most futuristic model ever, the highly-innovative 2019 Bentayga Hybrid with a three-liter V-6, electric motors, and a 31-mile zero-emission range. It will push Bentley into the green future, as every one of the marque’s new models will be electrified by 2025.


As we look over Bentley’s 100+year existence, we see a company that combines exhilarating performance with exquisite craftsmanship and continues to do so even today. It doesn’t matter what the year or model type, You’ll find a common thread running from W.O. Bentley’s first experimental cars to the latest Bentaygas and Continental GTs, in their polish, sophistication, elegance, performance, even their mode of manufacture. Were W.O. alive today he’d be amazed at the course of his company’s history, and also the people’s love and respect for cars bearing the Bentley name.


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