Different Types of Car Paint Jobs

If you’re a car lover, you would want to give your car a unique touch. Well then, custom painting is a great choice for you. Depending on the amount of detail work involved, the time and money poured into this will increase.

To help you select which custom painting job to choose for your vehicle, take a look at our list.


This is your most basic, single color application work that nearly all cars come with. 

Benefits : 

1- Can be repaired easily if chipped and are generally easy to match.

2- Come in a variety of colors. 


A metallic finish is achieved by mixing a small amount of powder metal with paint to give the overall “shine” effect. The most common element in the metal powder is aluminum. Metallic paints can reflect light in a very unique way, depending on the look you’re going for. When light hits the specks of metal, the effect can be somewhat subtle or it can be very distinct and pronounced..


1- Add a bit of life and shine to an otherwise “dull” ride. 

2- Hide minor blemishes in some cases. 

The only downside is that they can often be very difficult to match completely if chipped off in an accident


Pearlescent paint gives your vehicle a colored shine by using small ceramic particles rather than metal to reflect light.  Here, we mix a transparent coloring agent into the pearl base to give your ride a glimmer &  radiant look.

When the light hits your vehicle,  it causes a refracting effect too, splitting the finish into different colors . This gives a swirly effect like that of a pearl and hence, the name.

COLOR- CHANGING PAINT/chameleon paint

As the name suggests, this paint job changes in color. During the 3-stage painting process, a non-reflective base is applied first. Then a layer of pearl paint. Once dried, a thin coating is added for a glossy finish and all-around protection.


To achieve this design, we start with a thin base coating. Once dried, we stencil in or hand draw the flame design before coloring it . The last step: apply a protective layer to the whole design. 


This paint finish is the most labour intensive & time consuming one. paint job spectrum. The carbon fiber materials  used will give your car a futuristic look. In some cases, the body of the car is made out of the carbon fiber, making it more light and eliminates the need for paint entirely. Carbon fiber is usually reserved for super sports car.

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