Porsche: Story of a classic car

Porsche history dates back to 1948 where the first vehicle to carry the Porsche name was built. However, the history of the company goes way back.

Ferdinand Porsche founded his engineering office in 1931. Working until his death in 1951, the budding entrepreneur and exceptionally creative technician, laid the foundations for the global company that would later bear the same name. 

Porsche brand started with just 200 workers. The first Porsche model was introduced in 1948, named the Porsche 356, and 52 cars were then produced in 1949 in a small garage. A few years later, in 1952, the automaker released its most popular model yet, the 550 Spyder, and the brand only continued to grow.

It’s not like Porsche stuck to just creating the perfect sports car and didn’t move on beyond that. No way, the company knows what they are doing. Not only does this brand have a large line of amazing cars that can tear up any road, but it also has SUV’s that are great for a family drive. This shows that the brand is focused on branching out and making their products more accessible to as many people as they can benefit.

There aren’t many vehicles out there that can match this beast and that’s why people dream of owning a car from Porsche. This brand offers more than any ordinary vehicle brand. It perfectly combines balance and appearance.

Car enthusiasts across the globe celebrate Porsche, and this brand is at the top of their game for a good reason. This brand delivers like it has been doing so since it was first created by Ferdinand years ago.