Why is your engine overheating?

The crux of the matter:

If you are in a vehicle that’s overheating, STOP DRIVING IMMEDIATELY!!! Pullover and turn the vehicle off, or even better is to have the vehicle towed to the nearest auto repair service.

A little context…

Before we start discussing why your engine is too hot, we need to get into how its cooling system works. The cooling system transmits coolant throughout the engine. This process pulls heat away from the engine and helps it operate at a standard temperature. So when something goes wrong with your cooling system, your entire engine can suffer overheating, and even completely fail.

Below are common factors that can cause a car to overheat:

1: Insufficient levels of coolant or cooling system leaks

If coolant levels are lower than the manufacturer’s recommendation, top off the levels with new coolant.

2: Damaged water pump

The water pump is what circulates the coolant through the engine, where it absorbs the extra heat. A defective water pump means that the coolant’s flow may be hindered–or it may not flow at all.

3: Malfunctioning Radiator

Radiators and their fans help to decrease coolant temperatures. So, if the radiator has suffered damage, the coolant may stay too warm, which will cause unnatural temperature increases.

4: Low levels of oil

Low oil levels may increase engine temperatures.

5: Thermostat issues

Thermostat’s job is to regulate engine temperatures and keep it within average operating temperature. A defective thermostat can stay closed, obstructing much needed coolant from moving around the engine.

6:  Defective Hoses

If the hoses and belts are worn out or ruptured, their job of maintaining air and coolant flow is hindered. This again causes the engine to overheat.

An overheating engine indicates a major disaster waiting to unravel. Systematic maintenance checks will help you identify problems early on, before causing irreparable damage to your vehicle.

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