How To Prevent An Oil Leak.

Get Oil Changes More Often


By regularly changing your oil, you can ensure that everything is running smoothly. Be sure to check the oil filter, which is imperative in the oil’s quality, and can cause a leak if it’s not aligned. Make sure to check the oil pan, filler cap, and drain plug to ensure they are all in good condition and working properly. Be sure to stick to the service schedule that has been laid out by the manufacturer or your local garage technician. 

The Type Of Oil In Your Car


Some newer brands of oil contain extra ingredients that stop or prevent leaks from occuring due to old and worn-out gaskets. The additives included in the oil are called seal conditioners that keep the seal flexible and able to work properly. Find out from your local car garage maintenance personnel on what type of oil will be best suited for your vehicle. 


Leak Stopping Additives


You can purchase an oil that has leak-stopping properties which can soften the seals and stop small leaks. Even though this isn’t a long-term solution, this is good for stopping small leaks in a short time period. This can also help you save money in the long run.


Can I Drive With An Oil Leak?

There are various factors that determine whether or not you can drive with an oil leak. Most oil leaks depend on the leak size and spot. The severity of the oil leak depends on the leak size and the spot, the time or miles that you drove that day, the engine oil capacity, and the number of times you change your oil. Assessing all of these factors can determine whether or not it is safe to drive, and can also determine why your car is leaking oil when parked.

Maintaining an apt level of oil in your car ensures that the process of moving oil from the oil pan and through the oil filter will occur seamlessly so that it can get to other parts of the car. In addition, a good oil level ensures that mechanisms are lubricated properly, like the crankshaft, connecting rods, piston rings, and pistons themselves. Lastly, a proper oil level ensures that the oil can overheat to the right temperature and be able to break down and move properly.

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