Does your car leak oil when parked? Here’s why.

Broken Seals or Gasket


It’s a known fact that the engine of your car heats up while in use. The metal components expand when they heat up, which inturn puts pressure on the rubber gaskets and seals. These seals are meant to prevent oil leakages but as the metal contracts on cooling down, it leaves gaps between the seals and metal parts. Have your car checked at your local mechanic in Abhu Dhabi or Ras Al khaimah to find out if it is a faulty oil gasket, a leaking seal or a bad valve that has probably worn out over time. 

Damaged Oil Filter or Damaged Oil Pan


A damaged oil filter or oil pan can cause regular leakage of oil leaving a puddle under your car every time. When driving over low lying areas of the road or potholes, the oil pan can become dented if hit with enough force causing some trauma to the underbody of the car. 

Oil Pan Plug Is Not In The Right Spot 

Your oil pan plug can be damaged if you see that it has stripped threads or it is not properly inserted or fully tightened. To provide a quick fix that can temporarily replace the mechanism is a rubber plug. Unfortunately, over time you will have to get a full replacement with long-term materials. Getting a permanent repair typically involves replacing the plug with a steel thread that is the correct size for the unique shape for your car. This fix can help remedy a car that is leaking oil when parked.


A Blown Head Gasket or Engine Block Seals


A blown head gasket is common in older cars and is a prime cause for oil leaks. The rubber materials that are designed to seal oil leaks decompose over time and could cause oil to leak from the top of your engine. An overheated engine can also be a reason for leaks as it causes the cylinder to bend out of shape.