Underbody coating and why it is important

Usually, out of mind, out of sight. But not when it comes to your car. The underbody of your car is probably one of the most overlooked areas of the machine. Harsh weather, rains, sand, and gravel all contribute to the corrosion of your car’s underbody. With a few simple yet effective precautions, you can protect your car’s underbody from damage and corrosion.

1.Protect against rust and corrosion

The primary and most obvious objective of getting an underbody coating done is to prevent the components underneath from rust and damage through corrosion. One way to shut off the effects of corrosion is to apply a rubberized anti-rust coating all over the belly of your car. Redfox UAE undertakes such work for all types of vehicles.

 2.  Protects Vital components

Indispensable components of your car are located underneath like parts of the engine, silencer, etc. Components that you cannot afford to lose due to rusting. An affordable underbody coating can save you from a hefty repair bill in the future.

3. Vital for cars in coastal cities

Vehicles in coastal cities are highly prone to corrosion and rust due to the high level of humidity and salt in the air. This further speeds up the process of corrosion. Hence getting your car done right with a nice underbody coat job is of utmost importance for people living that beach life.

4. Prevents paint chipping

While racing through city roads, hurrying to get from one place to another, you will often encounter gravel, sharp objects. This scrapes and chips off the metal from down below. At Redfox, we provide a thick layer of Underbody Coating that definitely comes to aid and minimizes the effects of such contacts on the body. 

5. Better car resale value

Damage due to corrosion is hard to reverse. Hence a car that is put up for sale needs to be in good condition. If your car is left unattended it can possibly cause long-term permanent damage, in turn depreciating the value of your car exponentially. Hence, regular checks of your car’s underbody condition are the key to maintaining its value.


Underbody Coating at Redfox, UAE

For a reliable, good quality underbody coating for your car, be sure to visit your nearest Redfox garage in Abudhabi or Ras Al Khaima. With the latest diagnostic equipment and advanced paint booths, your car is in experienced hands. We undertake preventive maintenance to protect your car from the perils of all kinds of damages. To book, visit our website, Or contact us via Instagram/Facebook at @redfox.ae.