Your guide to better tyres

Keeping your tires looking rich and dark may seem like a huge task at times. A good detailing garage near you can help with all your automobile repairs, your tyres included. As you can imagine, selecting the best possible tire conditioner really has to do with what’s in the bottle and less about how you use it—though this does play a key part in having great looking tires. 

Tyre Life 

Tyres wear out with use and degrade with age. Usage causes treads to wear down and the tread depth will decrease. With age, the rubber deteriorates and problems like dry rot set in. Minute cracks will start appearing on the tyre surface. Such tyres can fail suddenly resulting in loss of control. Both age and usage must be taken into account to determine if a replacement is due.

With typical use, tyres will wear out before age degradation becomes significant. You can assess their condition by checking the tread depth. The age factor will come into play if you use your car sparingly. In this case, go by the tyre life specified by the manufacturer. The age factor is also important for your spare wheel due to lower usage.

Periodic inspection is the best way to ensure tyre safety. Tyre condition is checked during periodic service. If you are looking for car service in Abu Dhabi, UAE or surrounding areas, contact us. You will get great service at reasonable rates.

Here are a few pointers for more information on tyre maintenance and repairs that your garage can help with, to keep your tyres looking top-notch. Some of the pointers below will require a licensed auto repair mechanic or an automobile detailing workshop.

The 6 Essentials Of Tyre Maintenance

1. Tyre pressure

Underinflation will damage the tyre and increase fuel consumption. High tyre pressure will make your rides bumpy and increase the risk of a blowout. Inflate your tyres to the recommended pressure. Check tyre pressure manually even if your car is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system.


2. Tyre rotation

Make sure to rotate your tyres after accumulating the recommended number of kilometres on it. This ensures even wear and makes your tyres last longer.


3. Wheel balancing

 Get your wheel balance checked and fixed at an auto garage or by a car mechanic after recommended mileage intervals. Imbalanced wheels will not rotate symmetrically and will cause vibrations and uneven tyre wear.


4. Wheel alignment

 Getting your wheel alignment checked regularly helps keep your tyres in good condition. Misaligned wheels will increase tyre wear, cause vibrations and make your car harder to control. Get your wheels checked if you hit the curb, a speed bump or a pothole at high speed to rule out tyre damage and alignment problems.

5. Timely replacement

Replace tyres when they are close to the end of their life. This can depend on age and usage.


6. Safe repair

Use the help of a reputed car service centre. Incorrect repairs can be dangerous.

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